Guardian report reveals sexual assualt pandemic


According to new testimonies and evidence gathered by The Guardian, female aid workers are facing a sweeping, but hidden threat of sexual assault in the work environment.

The expose claims that, “sexual predation is an unreported and growing evil that needs to be addressed by those at the top.”

Alicia Jones, assistant director of the Headington Institute, said in an interview with the Guardian that, “it’s likely that 1 percent or more (between 5,000-10,000 people) experience this during their humanitarian career.”

The Headington Institute is an organization which provides pyschological support to victims of sexual assault working for humanitarian causes.

Moreover, the International Women’s Rights Project reported that more than 1,000 individuals came forward to report sexual assault in a survey asking them to disclose, “their experiences of sexual intimidation and violence within the humanitarian sector.”

If it is true that multi-national humanitarian organizations cover up sexual assault in the workplace, then this poisons the message these organizations are trying to send.

Charities that do not treat its employees correctly fall under heavy scrutiny.

This is a crisis that needs to be addressed immediately, or it will run the risk of ruining the efforts of organizations that aim to promote positive change in the world.


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