Profane ‘scavenger hunt’ unearthed in athletics


A list of at least 60 possible exploits that range in degree of obscenity were discovered on an extensively shared “To-Do List” Google document as part of a profane “scavenger hunt” originating from one of the women’s athletic teams has been validated by the College.

According to Dean of Students Stephen Leavitt and Director of Athletics Jim McLaughlin on April 25, the Google document, which they refer to as a “‘bucket list’ of activities to be engaged in for sport,” was “allegedly originated with one of the women’s athletic teams” and has been “widely shared among members of the campus community.”

The Google document shared between the athletic teams instructed participants to form teams of two to five people. All actions executed by participants were required to be recorded or photographed for proof. Activities in the lower point bracket include: “Draw a dick on your face and don’t remove it for 24 hours” for 100 points, “Puke on someone” for 100 points, “Road dome” for 100 points, “Eat a whole weed brownie” for 100 points, “Get an ass tattoo” for 200 points, “Have sex on the ice” for 200 points. Examples of higher bracket acts include: “Drink a teammate’s piss” for 400 points, “Smoke a blunt with a teacher” for 1000 points, “Shave a teammate’s eyebrows” for 500 points, “Blumkin” for 800 points. The action allotted the highest number of points was “Dude on dude blowjob” for 2000 points.

The “To-Do List” document stated that the activities were supposed to begin Wednesday, March 19, and go until the last day of spring term. However, on Thursday, April 20, McLaughlin and the Department of Athletics were made aware of the Google document due to the complaints of three student athletes.

McLaughlin proceeded to alert the Dean of Students Office, which is working in conjunction with Campus Safety to conduct further investigation in accordance with the Student Conduct Code. McLaughlin shared with the Concordiensis on April 25 that such acts were not supported by either his staff within the Department of Athletics or by Union’s administration. “We are deeply disappointed to learn of this document and will be working to address this development appropriately as the investigation unfolds,” stated McLaughlin. He also urged members of the campus community to “make good choices and make good decisions during your time here at Union.”

As a primary step in addressing the matter, McLaughlin sent out an email to the athletic coaches on April 20 stating: “Coaches, it’s come to our attention that there is a shared Google Doc circulating among Union students that involves a type of scavenger hunt … with inappropriate, derogatory, and discriminating actions involved. I strongly urge you to share and discuss with your team the importance of not being involved in these type of events, and to demonstrate leadership by shutting down behaviors that are harassing and discriminating. Their voices as leaders are important.”

President Stephen C. Ainlay was asked to comment on April 25 about the “scavenger hunt;” however, he referred the Concordiensis to the office of Communications and Marketing.

When questioned as to the names of the three student athletes who registered their complaints, McLaughlin shared that he is unable to do so at this time as the investigation is ongoing.

It is not clear whether the overall purpose of the hunt was a matter of hazing, team competition or something else. The reward for the completion of such tasks that were listed on the document also remains unknown, as it cannot be proven that the activities actually came to fruition.

Upon their arrival at Union, athletes are required to sit down with staff members from the Department of Athletics to go over the student code of conduct, student policies and the athlete code of conduct. Critical emphasis is placed on the need to adhere to all school policies and is reasserted that all misconduct, which involves cases of hazing, harassment and sexual misconduct is dealt in accordance with the student code of conduct. Athletes are also required to abide by all NCAA regulations.

The Concordiensis will keep tracking the developments of the story and all future evidence from the ongoing investigation will be reported as it surfaces.


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