Union, Skidmore and RPI celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year together


By Ashleigh Stephenson

This past Saturday, the Union China Consortium and the Chinese Student Association at RPI held a gala in honor of the Lunar New Year in the RPI West Hall Auditorium.

There were approximately 600-700 participants.

The event featured the development of Chinese culture and history.

The attractions included, but were not limited to, Beijing Opera, traditional Chinese dance and Chinese calligraphy.

The China Consortium was established in 2013.

The organization began to collaborate with groups from Skidmore College and RPI in the beginning of 2014.

The China Consortium aims to provide Chinese students the chance to meet each other, as well as bridge college campuses together.

According to Yanci Zhang ’16, the China Consortium has positive influences on Union.

Zhang said the organization offers a positive image on diversity when it comes to admission advertisement.

It also increases Union’s influence in the capital region by becoming the head of an alliance between Skidmore and RPI Chinese Students and Scholars Association.

One thing that sets the China Consortium apart from   the Asian Student Union is the way students can learn about the Chinese culture.

While ASU promotes Chinese culture, the China Consortium lets students delve into the culture as a member of the organization.

The success of the China Consortium can be credited to the following individuals: Co-founder and retired President  Yanci Zhang ’16, current President Steve (Yupeng) Lan ’17, Program Chair Olivia (Yixuan) Ma ’18, and Treasurer Yizhi Lin ’18.


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