Sexual assault awareness Bingo a successful event


By Caitlin Williams

Safe Space and Theta Delta Chi came together on Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015, to hold one of their many events to increase awareness on sexual assault and bystander prevention.

They had help from Violence Awarness and Prevention Educator Sarah Adelmann. The event was held in Beuth House at 6 p.m. Both Safe Space and Theta Delta Chi held their own versions of bingo involving sexual assault awareness.

The bingo topics included words and phrases such as, “Keep your promises,” “Viki Brooks,” “Say something” and, “Shame.” The importance and relevance of these phrases in relation to sexual assault awareness were then explained.

All of these words revolved around important subjects pertaining to sexual assault awareness. A few topics discussed at the event included common feelings that the victim may have, ways an individual can intervene as a bystander, things that one shouldn’t say to a friend, ways to support a friend, resources to support a friend and more.

The game was much more than getting five chips in a row. Co-Presidents of Safe Space Georgina Teasdale ’15 and Meaghan Jain ’15, along with Sarah Adelmann, created the game so that each letter in “Bingo” stood for something meaningful and important for the students. The “B”in Bingo stood for “Bystander Intervention,” the “I” for “Individual Responses,” the “N”  for “No No,” the “G” for “Giving Support,” and the “O” stood for “On and Off Campus Support Services.”

The event provided a great mix for an educational and fun atmosphere. It had a great turnout. The great room in Beuth was filled with people covering every inch of the floor, and every chair was filled.

Sarah Adelmann described her opinion on the event, and said, “It’s a hot topic we care about. It brought people together in a more fun environment and provoked a more fun learning environment.”

Teasdale commented, “So often, sexual assault messages are done in a typical lecture format that doesn’t encourage a ton of people to come. We thought this would be a great opportunity to do something different and get a wider range of people hearing and thinking about sexual assault.”

The creative idea of Bingo seemed to catch on with many students at Union. There were benefits to attending the event and learning more about sexaul assault — gift cards to Chipotle and Visa were up for grabs.

William Wu ’16, a brother and corresponding secretary of Theta Delta Chi, described the event as “a great way to raise awareness. The fact is that sexual assault is an extremely difficult topic to talk about, so when we and Safe Space planned the event, we wanted to make sure that our event was not only informative, but also a somewhat relaxed environment.”


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