Letter from the Webmaster: Goodbye, and thanks


By Thomas Scott

Early in September of 2011, I picked up a copy of the Concordiensis and headed up to Reamer 406, the headquarters of the newspaper. I knocked on the door and asked the two people in the office how I could get involved.

That event later culminated with Concordy publishing more than 50 of my articles. I have also written for every section of the paper and held two executive board positions: Webmaster and Distribution Manager. In that capacity, I’ve spent my Wednesday nights and Thursday mornings up in the Concordy office adding new articles to the website, publishing our weekly email newsletter and distributing the print edition around campus.

Working at the Concordy has been time consuming, but nonetheless fulfilling. There is nothing more satisfying than a random stranger walking up to you to say that they liked your article.

I’ve also had the privilege of conveying what I’ve learned as a staff writer to my Journalism Merit Badge students at Goshen Scout Reservation, where I’ve taught for the past three summers.

Being part of the Concordy has been tremendously exciting. The paper has published several stories on Greek life that have caused a great deal of controversy.

First were Tri-Delta’s sanctions in the fall of 2011, then Psi U’s alleged branding, then disciplinary actions against DKE in 2012. Last fall, Shannon Hughes ’15 and Annie Nelson ’16 also published Opinions pieces that debated the merits of Greek life.

The controversies from these articles have certainly made our website’s comments section a delight to peruse.

Being part of this paper has allowed me to work with many incredible people over the years.

I would like to thank Editor-in-Chief Emeriti Gab Levine ’14, Ajay Major ’12 and Aviva Hope Rutkin ’12, Managing Editor Emeritus Aleena Paul ’12, Sci/Tech Editor Emeriti Calder Phillips-Grafflin ’12 and Joshua Ostrer ’14, outgoing Sci/ Tech Editor Heather Mendiola ’15, News Editor Emeritus Katie Manko ’12, outgoing News Editor Song My Hoang ’15, outgoing Opinions Editor Julia Hotz ’15 and Opinions Editor Emeritus Rhea Howard ’14.

Last and certainly not least, I would like to thank our incoming Editors-in-Chief Erin Wade ’16 and Matt Wu ’17, whose work ethic and commitment to the success of the paper has never ceased to amaze me. Matt, for example, once showed me archived copies of the paper during World War II that displayed regular updates on the progress of that conflict.

Those I have mentioned are but a few of the dedicated staff members that have made the Concordy worth reading and working for.

As I look back on my career here, I think I finally understand the phrase that is painted on the wall in the Concordy’s office, which says: “In necessariis unitas, in dubiis libertas, in omnibus caritas” or “In necessary things unity; in uncertain things freedom; in everything compassion.”

I’ve witnessed, with pride, this paper’s staff navigate obstacles of all three types.

Now, as I make my exit, I’ll quote the late Hunter S. Thompson in exclaiming: “Wow! What a ride!”


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