Editor’s Picks: March 5, 2015


By Editorial Board

807 Union Street

Editor-in-Chief Martina Glab says goodbye

By Martina Glab in 807 Union Street | March 5, 2015

I cannot begin this without first expressing my disbelief at just how quickly this year has gone by. Before stepping into my position as Editor-in-Chief last winter term, I had no idea just how much this role would define my experience at Union. …→


Editor-in-Chief Meghan Creane says farewell

By Meghan Creane in Sports | March 5, 2015

The Concordiensis was the first thing I ever did at Union and, arugably, I spent more of my time working on it than I did anything else. I’d be lying if I said I loved everything I was doing while I was doing it, but looking back, I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world …→


Letters from the News Editors: A farewell to the Concordy, our home part 1

By Song My Hoang in News | March 5, 2015

The Concordy seemed like a foreign and far-reaching entity when I first stepped foot onto campus. My journey to being a News Editor was not easy, considering my inexperience with working for a newspaper and, more evidently, my low self-esteem. I remember feeling intimidated when …→


Letters from the News Editors: A farewell to the Concordy, our home part 2

By Carina Sorrentino in News | March 5, 2015

I entered Union as a psychology major with the intention of attending law school after graduation. Somewhere along the line, I realized that wasn’t for me, and that decision had a lot to do with the Concordy. Telling your parents …→


Letter from the Webmaster: Goodbye, and thanks

By Thomas Scott in Opinions | March 5, 2015

Early in September of 2011, I picked up a copy of the Concordiensis and headed up to Reamer 406, the headquarters of the newspaper. I knocked on the door and asked the two people in the office how I could get involved. That event …→


Letter from the Editor: Heather Mendiola

By Heather Mendiola in Sci/Tech | March 5, 2015

When I became Sci/Tech Editor of the Concordiensis, I felt that I had big shoes to fill, and I was nervous. Admittedly, technology and I don’t get along well. I know how to work Microsoft Word, Excel and the Internet on my computer and I have survived and thrived on that basic knowledge all four …→


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