Editor-in-Chief Martina Glab says goodbye


By Martina Glab

I cannot begin this without first expressing my disbelief at just how quickly this year has gone by. Before stepping into my position as Editor-in-Chief last winter term, I had no idea just how much this role would define my experience at Union.

As I have neared the publication of my last issue, it has quickly dawned on me that this journey has not only shaped my sense of self as a student on this campus, but it has also given me a tremendous amount of appreciation for each and every voice at Union.

Since becoming a part of staff during my sophomore year, I have come to realize that the defining aspects of being on the Concordy resonate with all of the reasons I decided to come to Union in the first place.

As a transfer student entering midway through freshman year, I felt pretty out of place coming from the hustle and bustle of a city school in downtown Boston to a small, but close-knit, campus. While it was not easy transitioning into an entirely new environment during the dismal, and sometimes lonely, winter term, it wasn’t long before my purpose for coming to Union was fully realized and I began to understand the magnitude of talent and vitality the student body had to offer.

In my longing to get a closer look at the unique things happening in every sector of this school, I got inspired by several fellow students and my own knack for writing to discover what value the student newspaper had to offer to the campus community.

Although my very first experience on staff involved being the “On the Street” reporter, which sometimes literally entailed chasing down people for responses to questions, like if they’d rather be a human or a zombie, I soon came to recognize that the Concordy, in its purest form, serves as a platform from which each and every student on this campus can give insight into their own definitive piece that fits into the Union puzzle.

As I continued my involvement with the newspaper, serving as the 807 Union St. Editor during my junior year, and finally getting elected as Editor-in-Chief at the end, I felt incredibly empowered to invest in the values I’ve come to form about the paper’s potential and to do the very best I could to showcase them to the rest of campus.

From my experience as Editor-in-Chief this past year, I feel incredibly lucky to say I have gained an honest and revealing insight into the opinions of students from nearly every background and circle on this campus.

Although many of us sometimes joke about the tiny and familiar student body here at Union, I can honestly say that I’ve learned everyday, there is still a new face you haven’t come across, or at least a unique perspective that is completely unfamiliar to you.

Beyond the type of diversity I’ve come across, there is an incredible range of innovation and skill at Union that has become more and more clear to me since taking on my position. I’ve come to learn that Union thrives in technological, academic and even athletic ways that still, despite its humble size, don’t cease to impress me.

With everything I’ve observed in my experience as Editor-in-Chief, I am not only grateful for the ways in which I’ve learned to think on my feet, but also for the ways in which I’ve become a more open person to the different members of this campus. I will cherish this experience, which aided in my development as a student, and that will continue to help me grow in life after Union.

To the current editorial board: Thank you for persisting through every week despite the ratchet-ness that is journalism. Each of your shining personalities have brightened my day, and it has been a true pleasure to work with each of you.

To Erin “Chippy” Wade ’16 and Matt “Chippy, Jr.” Wu ’17: Thank you for the dedication you have individually and uniquely contributed to the newspaper. As Editors-in-Chief, I am more than confident the both of you will kick ass together, and I am very excited to see what you bring to the table next year. Best of luck, chippies.

And finally, to Meghan Creane ’15: I don’t even know where to begin. It will never cease to astound me how even though we barely knew each other before going into this, I knew right from the start that you were someone I could completely count on as my co-Editor-in-Chief.

Since our very first gig interviewing the hockey team together, I have loved every moment of working with you, despite the ridiculous amounts of both heart and panic attacks (on repeat) we’ve experienced over the past year.

I still cannot fathom the idea of not being in contact with you 24/7 or in the Concordy office every waking hour of every Tuesday, because despite the stress and time commitment of it all, I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime. Thank you for your endless supply of YouTube videos, cool musica, zaniness and support in every way.

Here’s to the new e-board, and best of luck to you all!


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