Winter came, it saw and it conquered (our hearts)


By Caitlin Williams

With spring just around the corner, the snowy winter chill will soon fade away and sunny days will set in.

However, winter at Union isn’t only about the cold, bitter wind and frosty air.

There is much more that you will certainly miss come springtime.

Winter term at Union is a special time, and when does the Nott Memorial look prettier than when it has been freshly snowed upon?

Although it is hard to believe sometimes, weather in the negative degrees does come with many positive aspects.

One of these being activities that can only occur in winter — snowball fights, the snowman competition between all the dorms and skiing.

Annie Kundert ’16 said she would miss “being able to go skiing,” most about winter term.

Not only will these activities come to a close, but so will other school winter sports.

“I will miss going to practice every day and seeing my teammates daily,” said Brendan McClure ’18, who is a member of the swimming and diving team.

Winter term at Union also allows students to appreciate the warm heat of dorms and drinks.

I mean, who doesn’t love a cup of hot cocoa while you’re bundled up in your blankets?

And, for some, a hot drink is nothing compared to a heated building.

Emily Jennery ’17 said, “The sweet relief of walking into a heated room,” is a real treat during the winter term.

Alexandra Steed ’17 said that she appreciated not needing caffeine, “because the cold will always wake you up.”

Anyone with an 8 a.m. knows that feeling all too well.

Winter term at the U tends to get a bad rep, but when you’re warm in your bed, sipping some cocoa after a nice day of skiing, it doesn’t seem all that bad, after all.

Besides sports and warm cocoa, the college campus really does look beautiful with a fresh layer of powder on every building.

The campus becomes a winter wonderland, but you have to watch where you step, because a surprise icy patch can lead to a wipeout.

All those slips and slides make for the best funny stories come spring term.

And last, but certainly not least, one of the best winter term highlights — the hockey games.

Nothing unites the student body like a Union Hockey game — full of action, garnet pride and loud chants, Friday and Saturday nights in Messa Rink are definitely some of the best of the term.

Surrounded by your peers and cheering on the players with the pep band in the background just creates an atmosphere so “Union” that it is sorely missed come springtime.

After reading this list, I bet you’ve thought of a few things that you’ll be mssing about winter term, too. Maybe you should go make one last snowman!


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