UNITAS unites students, faculty, staff in one place


By Rachel Refkin

Ever since I came to Union, I wanted to effect real change on campus. I had no knowledge of the genuine impactful change I could really make until I joined UNITAS.

UNITAS is one of the only organizations on Union’s campus that involves faculty, staff and students, who all have an equal say.

As stated on its webpage, the group’s objective is to foster, “… community and diversity at Union by supporting groups and individuals who create events and education opportunities that foster both.”

UNITAS is an organization that clubs and organizations can apply to for funding for an event or campaign, if it meets UNITAS’s objectives.

Many outstanding events that have happened at Union were aided by UNITAS, such as the recent Sex Trafficking Awareness Week, the Social Justice Retreat, Mandeville Gallery exhibition openings, the annual Pride Walk and many more.

All these groups did was go to UNITAS’s page on the Union website and fill out the group’s clear-cut application.

Furthermore, UNITAS establishes diversity and community on campus of its own accord. Each year, UNITAS hosts a luncheon for new faculty and staff on campus at Hale House; student members hand deliver invitations to convey the group’s sense of community.

Additionally, UNITAS sponsors two awards for graduating seniors that are presented on Prize Day, including the Diversity Leadership Award, for the student who best demonstrates dedication to campus diversity, and the Community-Building Award, for the student who best brings different segments of the campus community together for service.

Not only is UNITAS a great way to get involved on campus and network with faculty and staff, the group can also become your family.

UNITAS welcomes even first-time attendees with open arms, and you will meet some true characters at our meetings. This includes retired Professor Twitty Styles’ amusing comments and signature chuckle, Director of Multicultural Affairs Jason Benitez’s famed Brooklyn accent, Assistant Director of the Kenney Community Center and co-convener Janet Sweeney’s witty jokes, and so many more!

It really is a great group of people, all with their own distinct personalities, coming together for the greater good of the campus and community.

UNITAS meets every other week in the Unity Lounge on the third floor of Reamer Campus Center at common hour.  All students, faculty and staff are welcome to join, and we hope you will!

The group looks forward to seeing you at our next meeting, on Feb. 11!


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