The Garnet Society: Students connecting U to alumni


By Abigail Hollander

Look around you. Union has some of the most impressive scholars, tremendous athletes, and talented artists in the country. Among these aspiring engineers, future leaders, and bookworms lies The Garnet Society. This large group of students is closely associated with the Alumni Office to facilitate interactions between Union’s community, past and present.

Recently, the group has agreed on a partnership with the Alumni Speaker Series, and is eager to keep alumni involved with several diverse aspects of the Union experience. Adam Stolz ‘15, Co-President of the student-run alumni association, notes, “The primary mission of The Garnet Society is to bridge the gap between students and alumni through the proactive organization of student-run and student-staffed events.”

The Garnet Society is involved with several large events on campus, including Homecoming and ReUnion Weekends. After a very successful inaugural year last year, the group is excited to host their Second Annual Founders Week events in honor of the college’s 220th birthday. Although you frequently see the group sporting nametags and guiding alumni, they play a crucial role as the primary network between alumni and their alma mater. Students involved with The Garnet Society dine with alumni, cheer for the Dutchmen on the ice, and discuss their collegiate experiences and aspirations.

Not only is TGS a great way to get involved on campus, but the group also benefits from key networking experience. Stolz continues, “My favorite event is ReUnion Weekend… everything from assisting with golf cart transportation and working the President’s Welcome Reception where I converse with the Trustees and members of the Garnet Guard is very rewarding.”

Lauren Woods ‘16, Co-President of The Garnet Society, became involved with the group her freshman year. “I first learned of TGS my freshman year when a teammate of mine suggested that I apply. I was accepted, and have been an extremely involved member ever since,” Woods claims.

As a budding group, both Stolz and Woods agree that TGS has the potential to become “one of Union’s most proactive organizations.” In order to maintain this precedent of efficiency, leadership, and involvement, the organization needs the student body’s involvement.

Founders Week is February 23rd-27th. From a late night breakfast in Upper, to a Skellar mac-n-cheese eating contest, the group is eager to present the college community with fun and exciting ways to develop a self-aware, spirited, and involved campus community. Be sure to attend this year’s Founders Day celebration at 1PM in Memorial Chapel on Thursday, February 26th, to hear Laura Trombley, President of Pitzer College, discuss “The Enduring Value of Humanities.”

To become more involved in The Garnet Society, take action. Seek out the person behind a menacing nametag. Ask questions. The organization is one of the only groups on campus with an application and interview process, however with roughly a 75-100% acceptance rate of recent recruitment classes and immediate leadership opportunities available upon acceptance, the group is looking for committed, eager, and spirited students to further facilitate communications with Union’s noteworthy alumni community. As Woods notes, “we want to best represent the Union community through campus involvement and experience.”

For further information, please contact VP of Recruitment, Margaret Girton (, and Co-Presidents Adam Stolz ( and Lauren Woods (


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