Senior leaders, underclass bring basketball success


By Meghan Creane

Union Women’s Basketball is looking to make moves this weekend with two big games against Clarkson University and Skidmore College.

The Dutchwomen took a major hit last year when they graduated seven seniors after the 2013-2014 season, but they have been relying on younger players for support and have been pleased with the results.

With only wo seniors this year, Kate Thompson ’15 and Megan Erdman ’15, the Dutchwomen have been putting a lot of responsibility on Cailin Schmeer ’16, Amy Fisher ’16, Abby Katz ’17, Natalie Leone ’17 and Jenny Barra ’18.

Each of these women has risen to the occassion, and it is clear that they will be valuable assets to the team moving forward.

It is important not to discount the incredible performances of Thompson and Erdman, both on and off the court.

Thompson is a force on the court with a good knack for the game. She plays agressive defense, rebounds fiercely and looks to execute the most advantageous passes on offense.

Erdman is also skilled at moving the ball up the court, and she has a good eye for making plays.

These two women are also exceptionally vocal leaders, who not only know their roles as the only seniors, but embody them fully.

Erdman and Thompson have been using their experience to guide the younger players this season, proving their strong presence of mind as leaders.

Thompson noted that she is having “a blast watching the freshmen and sophomores grow as people and players … (and is) really excited to come back in the coming years to see how these women will continue to grow.”

The Dutchwomen have had some thrilling games this year, with Thompson’s favorite being against Rochester Institute of Technology earlier in the season. “It was definitely a turning point for our team and got us back on track,” remembered Thompson.

Moving forward, the team looks to take on Clarkson and Skidmore — who has previously given them a good challenge, with their strong conditioning and excellent shooting skills.

The Dutchwomen will need to show their stuff this weekend, something of which they are more than capable.


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