Mandeville Gallery: Mot Juste


By Jenna Salisbury

The three-part exhibition “Mot Juste” features pieces that focus on celebrating the text and language of contemporary visual art.

The artwork on display covers a wide array of different creative mediums, including sculpture, photography and painting.

The way in which the artists chose to portray the themes pertaining to the exhibition are unique and clever — namely, the exhibit “Textual,” in which artists use writing implements, stationery and other tools and mediums related to writing, within their work.

A notable piece includes a work by Michael Scoggins, which is entitled “Dog Fight.”The piece features paper airplanes, made out of regular notebook paper, suspended by string.

On the paper airplanes, Scoggins has scribbled (with black marker) things such as USSR and USA 01. The artwork is a cheeky and clever way to portray the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States.

Another popular piece is a work by New Paltz-based artist Shanti Grumbine, entitled “Zero.” Made out of a de-acidified New York Times newspaper, the piece is a captivating example of using one artistic medium — the written word — and transforming it into another.


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