Is it true? Does Uptown really Funk you up?


By Lauren Resnikoff

“Uptown Funk.” This sweet jam has been the soundtrack of my 2015 aesthetic since the moment I heard it in the beginning of January.

Whenever I tell this to people, they judge me for choosing such a basic, mainstream song. After the judgment passes and they, too, admit their affinity for “Uptown Funk,” they inform me that, apparently, this song has been a thing for a while now.

I guess I’m not that up on the times. But you know … neither is “Uptown Funk.” This sick beat (sorry to encroach on your trademark, T. Swizzle) has old-school influences with a modern pop feel.

Why do I love it as much as I do? Well, it’s hard to put into words, but obviously I am going to try to. Otherwise, what would be the point of this article? Wait, no, this public service announcement. When I am walking down the street, I want “Uptown Funk” to be playing in my mind. I want it to be spurring me along and reminding me just how cool I really am. I don’t want to be walking. I want to be strutting. The beat-up, ice-covered pavement that I stroll down on my way to class becomes my own personal runway when this song is my inner monologue.

I admit there are quite a few artists that make me want to throw down some of my wackadoodle dance moves. When my girl T. Swizzle tells me to shake off the haters, you better believe I do. When Nicki Minaj continuously refers to her sizable donk, I am simultaneously shaking mine. There are a lot of danceable, really swell songs that get played on repeat when I hit the floor on a Friday or Saturday night.

No song makes me want to get down and dirty with it as much as “Uptown Funk.”

This song reminds me that I am in fact too hot (hot damn). It reminds me I am so hot that I would, indeed, make a dragon want to retire.

When this song comes on for the fourth time in a given night, my dance moves max out on the funky-fresh scale.

My 2015 aesthetic is the epitome of confidence. I am a senior about to graduate this fine institution, and I should be pulling myself together.

My resolution to myself is to exhibit cool and controlled behavior. I will no longer be the conductor of the hot mess express. I am moving off the struggle bus and I am taking off on my private “I own this” jet. I am flying off into the sunset and onto the next stage of my life.

Is there a better song to be playing on my plane? On a Saturday night, I want to be in the spot. I want to own my freakiness. I want to be smoother then a fresh jar of Skippy. My 2015 aesthetic is going to need a police officer and a fireman to deal with the pure heat it’s emanating.

So in short, I want to thank Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson for their contribution to our society. This song perfectly captures my transforming essence, and I couldn’t be more grateful toward it’s existence. As 2015 continues, I know I will have other songs to add to my life’s playlist.

However, at the top of my list will be “Uptown Funk.” So the next time you hear “Uptown Funk” and you roll your eyes and deem it “overplayed,” take a real listen to the words that are being said and tip your hats to a true work of art.


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