Furniture expo for new residence hall


By Carina Sorrentino

Construction commenced on a new upperclassmen residence hall on Roger Hull Place during fall term.

The project is expected to be completed by the start of the 2015-2016 academic year.

The new complex will be built in the style of an apartment building, with a variety of environmentally conscious features.

Residential Life Director Amanda Bingel was able to share some details of what students can expect to see upon the building’s completion.

“As most students know, we are currently in the process of building a brand new upperclassmen apartment complex on Roger Hull that is slated to be completed and open by the fall 2015 term.

“The new facility will incorporate some fantastic amenities, such as single bedrooms for all occupants, internal temperature controls, dishwashers and large study spaces,” Bingel remarked.

The Office of Residential Life has asserted their commitment to utilizing student input and opinions as much as possible. From allowing students to interview potential architects of the building to surveying the residents of Seward houses for preferences in their homes, the project has aimed to keep students involved on every level of construction.

Each week, a team meets with the architect of the project.

This past Thursday, a small exhibit was displayed in Reamer Campus Center with various furniture options, all of which students were allowed to try. Students could vote for their favorite pieces, and the winning design will be featured in the common spacesm and apartments.

“We will also be offering color palettes for students to vote on later in the year,” Bingel continued.

“We are concerned with their opinions on the aesthetics, so the more we can offer options and update students, the better the finished product will be.”

Bingel and the rest of the Residential Life team have been emailing students who reside on Seward and Roger Hull Place for suggestions to enhance the new building.

“I think the college is definitely moving in the direction of trying to accommodate all students who want to live on campus,” Bingel stated.

“As we see, most of the students who live off campus now are seniors, and that is the group we are hoping to accommodate with this style of living space. Students don’t want to be living in dorm room or a double their senior year.”

For this reason, the residence hall will consist of various apartments; there will be three two-bedroom, six three-bedroom and 14 four-bedroom apartments.

Every bedroom in the building will be a single. Each apartment will have a full kitchen with a refrigerator, stove, a small island area and, potentially, dishwashers.

The three-bedroom and four-bedroom apartments will have two full bathrooms. The building will also have units that are handicap accessible.

“We have had students involved in the design via student forums,” Bingel continued.

“We have been soliciting student opinions all along because my goal is to seek as much student feedback as I can. You are living there, not me, and I want you to be comfortable and feel like it’s yours.”

Some other features of the building will be a large multi-purpose room on the first floor with soft seating, café seating and televisions.

Each floor will have study rooms for students to utilize.

The exterior of the building will feature a front porch with Adirondack seating.

The backyard will have open green space and will also contain a patio.

The building itself is also focused greatly on reducing its environmental impact. The building will reduce its energy use by having temperature controls for heating and cooling. There will be collection areas for rainwater, and many of the materials used to construct the building will be “green building materials.”

An interactive kiosk will be in place on the first floor of the residence hall to give students a look at how much energy they are using.

The residence hall is not solely for seniors, but it is offered to any upperclassmen looking to live in a more apartment-style space. Like any other aspect of Union housing, the building will be filled based on the lottery system.

An additional information session about the new apartments will be held on Thursday, March 12, at 1:00 p.m. in Reamer Auditorium.

Bingel and Assistant Director of Residential Life AJ Place will be offering information, full floor plans and full renderings of the rooms. Bingel encouraged any interested students to attend.

“We are really excited. The feedback we are getting from students is that they are too.  Now that walls are going up and seeing a structure come to life, people seem happy about this new addition. The building is going to be filled with state-of-the-art amenities, so I think it will be a nice place for people to live,” Bingel concluded.



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