‘Jersey Boys’ played well at Proctor’s


By Jenna Salisbury

Two-time Tony Award-winning jukebox musical “Jersey Boys” premiered at Proctor’s Theater last Tuesday. The hit musical that chronicled the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons’ rise to fame was well received by the audience, which ranged from young adolescents to grand parents.

While the show may be on its second national tour, it still takes the theatrical scene by storm. Hayden Milanes stars as the iconic Frankie Valli in this revival, and his pristine falsetto succeeded in transporting the audience to a time where music was primarily shared via radios and jukeboxes. Milanes also managed to carry the show with grace and succeeded in maintaining the audience’s unwavering attention.

Nicholas Dromard’s and Keith Hines’ performances as Tommy DeVito and Nick Massi, respectively, were spot on. While Dromard captured the egotistical yet persuasive essence characterized by the criminally inclined DeVito, Hines’ portrayal of Massi (the “Ringo Star” of the group) encompassed the character’s laid-back attitude and passive demeanor.

The music, incorporated in an efficient but rushed manner, succeeded in feeling organic and groove-worthy, and thankfully strayed from being simple recreations of the recordings. While Bob Gaudio (Drew Seeley) was not quite as distinguished in representation, Seeley’s vocals complemented Milanes, and all four actors managed to deliver the chemistry and conflicts that grew amongst the famous quartet.


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