Women’s hockey loses to RIT Tigers


By Thomas Scott

The rest of the current season promises to be an exciting one for Union’s Women’s Hockey team.

This coming weekend, the Dutchwomen will face off against the University of Connecticut. The two games against the Huskies will take place at 4 p.m. and 3 p.m. on Friday and Saturday respectively. The following week, the Dutchwomen will face off against Penn State. Both of the other teams will be playing at Union, so those interested can catch the game at Messa Rink.

Union will have a chance to recover from their defeat this past Friday at the hands of RIT. The Tigers beat the Dutchwomen 1-2 and then 0-2 this past weekend on their home turf in Rochester.

The first game began at 7 p.m. on Friday. The single goal scored by Union during that game was by forward Jamie Smith ’16. Another star that shone bright that night was goalie Shenae Lundberg ’15. Throughout the game, she was able to block 40 of the 42 attempts by the Tigers to score against the Dutchwomen. Union was able to block a major offensive play by RIT early on in the game. During the first six minutes of the game alone, the Tigers made 11 attempts to score on the Dutchwomen.

Meanwhile, Lundberg didn’t budge. It was only until later in the period that the Tigers were able to make a clever power-play goal — and the first goal of the game. The Tigers weren’t to maintain their lead for long, however.

Before the second period was through, Union was able to tie the game with less than one minute left on the clock. The surprise silenced the raucous crowd, though it was only for a short period of time.

About halfway through the third period, however, the scales were once again tipped in RIT’s favor. The Dutchwomen made a last-ditch attempt to score on the their opponents.

Jessica Kaminsky ’16’s offensive play was blocked after she attempted to circumvent the Tigers’ defenses in order to tie the game, but her efforts proved futile, and RIT goalie Ali Binnington handily deflected the shot.

The Dutchwomen fared even worse in the following night’s game. Neither side was able to score until the final period. RIT’s goaltender Ali Binnington was particularly intimidating. She was able to kill eight power plays by the Dutchwomen and stop 51 of the 52 shots on goal.

Union goalie Shenae Lunberg gave it her all, but was ultimately scored upon by RIT’s Celeste Brown. Union proceeded to make a final push, engaging in three power plays in seven minutes.

With Lundberg away from her post, the Tigers handily routed the Dutchwomen for a second time. Tiger Carly Payerl scored the final shot of the game.

This loss was particularly shocking, considering Union’s strong performance during the first half of the second period.

To be fair, RIT had both the home-field advantage as well as several key veteran players that helped to tip the scales of chance in their favor.

Nonetheless, the loss came as a bit of a shock considering the number of veteran players that both teams had. RIT had two seniors on the blue line. RIT seniors Emilee Bulleid and Morgan Scoyne have scored somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 points together since last year.

Union had a particularly strong season last year, in which they notched nine victories during the 2013-14 season.

For those who cannot make it to the games this coming weekend, there is a live stream available through Union Athletics. Live game statistics will be relayed from sidearmstats.com/union/whockey.


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