Wellness Fair encourages healthier lifestyle & U-Program debuts ThinkFast


By Song My Hoang

The Wicker Wellness Center held a Wellness Fair on Friday, September 26, in front of Reamer Campus Center.

The fair aimed to educate students on how to take care of themselves throughout college.

Dietitian-nutritionist Diane Pietrocarlo offered pamphlets about smart eating tips for college students.

She said that students who are concerned about their eating habits may schedule a group session or individual meeting with her.

The fair also had a stall distributing plenty of stress balls.

The Wicker Wellness Center provided a pamplet of 101 ways to cope with stress, which included advice such as: prepare for the morning the night before and unclutter your life.

The massage chairs were a popular destination for students.

Research and experience show that massage is a safe and effective treatment that can help your back heal and prevent further injury.

The fair reportedly provided students a comprehensive overview of maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the stressful college year.

On Saturday, September 27, U-Program brought the game show ThinkFast to Union.

Robert Heffernan ’15 won first prize, winning $200 in cash.

This win marks Heffernan’s fourth consecutive win on this trivia-based game show. He will graduate undefeated.


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