U-Program event paints the town


By Song My Hoang

On Saturday, Oct. 11, U-Program hosted a Paint-a-Palooza. Public Relations Chair of U-Program Cassandra Padilla ’17 was the  organizer for this event.

“U-Program has a meeting every week where we throw ideas around and try to come up with events to hold every weekend,” Padilla commented.

The Paint-a-Palooza consisted of four stations.

The main station was where students were taught how to paint by an art instructor from Saratoga Paint & Sip Studio.

It was a two-hour art session, and the students’ final products were paintings of the Nott.

There were only 16 spots available for the personal art lessons, and 15 of the seats were filled.

The students who participated in the event do not claim to be artists.

But many students mentioned that it was surprisingly fun to learn how to paint.

A student noted that her product may not look like the art instructor’s work, but she was still happy that she tried her best to produce something that resembled the Nott.

She also shared, “Painting was a stress-reliever. I felt relaxed as I painted, and school work did not appear in my mind. I thought that U-Program did a good job to provide alternative activities to do during the weekend.”

Catherine Kanama ’17, who came to Union from Tanzania, also participated in the activity and painted her own picture of the Nott. She said, “I was pleasantly surprised that the event was so fun. I look forward to seeing what more U-Program has to offer this term.”

Yinham Luo ’17, who is from China, commented, “I’m usually doing a lot of work during the weekend. However, when I have time, I like to go to U-Program events. It’s a fun way to hang out.”

Another popular station was the glass-etching table, where students were able to  etch various designs onto a glass cup provided by U-Program.

Students were also able to decorate their own flower pots. They were provided with soil as well as seeds to plant in their pots.

There was a table where students were free to create any artwork. There were birdhouses and other materials that students could decorate.

Padillo noted that the Paint-a-Palooza was a successful event because there were many students that showed up.

U-Program will also be organizing a haunted hayride, Bingo, relaxation night and a dog show this term.


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