Student fashion takes cue from Fashion Week


By Caitlin Williams

Fall has arrived swiftly at Union, and fall fashion trends are emerging from everyone’s closets.

The new 2014 fall fashion trends for women, many shown at New York Fashion Week, have leaked into Union’s student body.

In women’s fashion the 90s are making a comeback. Specifically, the grunge style is returning, which is more of an edgy.

Marissa Tarashuk ’18 describes this year’s trends as “very edgy with a masculine flare, skewing away from feminine and pushing the boundaries with dark and daring colors, textures and shapes.”

Fall’s fashion for women is also a time “to wear clothes that are not only fashionable but comfortable as well,” according to Cassie Howard ’18.

This season’s looks include loose, chunky sweaters, leggings, plaid, motorcycle boots and jackets, allowing for a relaxed, yet chic look.

Not only have the women’s closets been bursting with new trends, but the men’s closets have been, too.

According to Will Brown ’18, “Scarves, while making you warmer, also add a flair compared to the next person who just wears a cardigan.”

Brown personally owns 46 scarves and collects them when he sees them.

To complement the new trend of scarves, cuffing jeans, Red Wing boots and wool, knit ties are becoming part of a casual dress-up worn every day.

Taylor Finn ’18 says, “The creative thing about fall weather is that it promotes interesting forms of layering. Instead of having one piece of clothing that is really nice, you can mix multiple pieces and textures into an interesting outfit.”

The colors for fall in men’s fashion that are invading closets are earth tones such as brown, caramel and olive. As the weather becomes cooler, fall trends will become more visible and the campus will be bursting with new fashion. ­


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