Skateboard ‘quiver’ gives boarders new storage during class


By Peter Cooke

Returning to Union this year, students have started to take notice of a recent addition of a rack for both skateboards and longboards outside of the F. W. Olin Center. In recent years, there has been a huge increase in the number of students who choose to roll to class rather than walk.

Keeping the changing preferences of Union students in mind, Campus Safety made the decision to install the secure storage apparatus before the beginning of the fall term. Known colloquially as a quiver, these racks are the most efficient way to store a great number of boards.

The issue of security is a prevalent issue when students want to use the quiver. Campus Safety Sgt. Ed D. Teller explained how the quiver is actually supposed to help prevent thefts of longboards.

According to Teller, quivers have recently become popular in California. Boarders can secure their boards with a pad or combination lock because each slot is equipped with two steel o-rings.

With the installation of a device designed to prevent thefts, one would assume that there had been an increase in the number of thefts for skateboards or longboards. In actuality, there has never been a reported theft of either case on the Union campus.

Bikes are stolen because they are often left outside and unwatched by their owners. This creates an opening for an enterprising thief to relieve the bike of its security devices and pedal away. This is almost impossible to do to a boarder for the simple reason that the longboard is brought with the rider once inside. Thus there is no opportunity for potential theft in the first place.

If not for security, why was the quiver purchased in the first place? According to Teller, the reasoning was twofold.

First, quivers will accommodate the sheer number of students that have begun to ride around campus. Second, quivers are practical in their nature. This year has been the first year that professors and other school employees have complained about students riding boards through the halls of academic buildings. Teller’s intent was to give students an option for a secure location to leave their boards during class.

While there have not been any thefts of longboards on campus, there is a great deal to say about the issue of convenience.  Students shared that a major benefit of riding a longboard over a bike is the simple fact that you can roll right up to the door and walk inside. There is no hassle with finding a space on the rack or the embarrassment of forgetting your lock combination. This makes boarding especially useful on a small campus like Union’s.

Nonetheless, for students who want a place to store their boards, Campus Safety has purchased a state of the art quiver for boards as well as a number of combination locks for students to use to secure their boards. If you are interested in acquiring one of these locks, contact Sgt. Teller at Campus Safety.


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