Protest rally: Ban the bomb trains


By Heather Mendiola

On Tuesday, Oct. 21, a protest for banning the older model of rail tanker cars occurred in Albany. The protest occurred after a petition was filed with Department of Environmental Conservation to ban DOT-111 tanker cars.

According to the Citizen Action of New York petition site, every week there are 44 trains carrying DOT-111 tankers that pass through New York communities to the Port of Albany. The problem the protestors have with these tanker cars is that they are prone to exploding in derailments.

This poses as a health risk to the communities the trains pass through. The crude oil in the tanker cars comes from fracking the North Dakota Bakken shale.

According to, an inspection of the Albany tanker cars performed a month ago revealed 12 non-critical defects; the DOT proposed for these cars to be phased out for the newer cars that have thicker walls, among other safeguards.


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