Minerva Houses ‘Fall For Schenectady’


By Caitlin Williams

Every fall, all of the Minerva Houses host a joint event. Embracing the camaraderie of the Union community, all the Minervas came together last week to organize the annual event, Fall for Schenectady. Fall for Schenectady, also known as “A Taste of Schenectady,” is when every Minerva hosts a different type of food from different restaurants.

These restaurants included Thai Thai Bistro, which was a cool take on sweet and spicy and had amazing chicken dumpling and spring rolls. Mr. Wasabi was another hit, with their fresh sushi rolls, and actually ran out of plates because it was so amazing.

Katie O’Byrnes had great Irish pub food with penne pasta and mini tacos.

Union students were able to sample six restaurants in the city of Schenectady by only walking a few feet. The event was extremely successful and fun for all on campus!

The event began at 5 p.m. and there was such a high turn-out of Union students that some of the restaurants ran out of food early. According to Casey Bruck ’18, “It was a fun event that showcased the different kinds of food you can find in Schenectady and how there is something there for everyone.”

People were coming and going through each of the Minervas, sampling each of the interesting, diverse types of food. The food varied from Italian to spicy.

The businesses that were selected received a lot of much-needed attention. The event encouraged students to check out what food Schenectady has to offer.

Hopefully as a result of all the taste-testing and menus that were handed out, the businesses will receive an increase in profit from Union students.

However, this is not the only Minerva event for Union students to enjoy! Each of the Minervas holds many different types of events, and some are weekly, traditional events.

Every Tuesday night from 10 to 11 p.m., Messa House hosts Waffle Night. It is an event at which a group of students who are part of Messa cooks waffles and is open to everyone on campus.

Every Wednesday during common lunch, Wold House holds a pizza lunch that many students attend.

These are just a sampling of the weekly events that occur at the Minervas.

Steven Maksymowych ’18, member of Wold, said, “Yes, the goal of a Minerva is to really get students involved and interested, and this type of event brings together all of that. I’ll definitely be checking out more events like these. Besides, free food? I’m always there!”

Minerva Houses provide a variety of events each term for students to enjoy.


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