How well do you know the Humans of Union College?


By Martina Glab

Have you ever wondered about the diverse lives, thoughts, and talents of your fellow classmates here at Union? Or have you ever walked past a face you have never come across before?

Raashika Goyal ’16 has found a unique way to bring the student body together through her recently created Facebook page, “Humans of Union College.”

Inspired by the popular blog launched by photographer Brandon Stanton, “Humans of New York,” Goyal brought the idea to campus in an effort to showcase the many different personalities found here at Union. According to Goyal, her goal is “to understand the people on campus on a personal level — understand their struggles, their perspectives, their backgrounds … and through that, empower people to believe in their individuality, within the community.”

In choosing individuals to photograph, Goyal states that she tries to select her interviewees randomly because she wants “to represent the proportional diversity within the community.”

Goyal’s ultimate goal is “to broadcast the message that even though we all lead our separate lives … we all share a common bond, in some form or another.”

Below are select images from Goyal’s Facebook page. You can see more on Facebook!


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