Color Me Rad: One student’s 5K experience


By Lauren Resnikoff

Considering that I had never run a 5K before, I was pretty nervous before running my first one, the Color Me Rad race in Saratoga on Oct. 5. However, when I arrived at SPAC, the humongous crowd of people put me at ease.

The population gathered there was so diverse, all dressed in funky white outfits.

There were people of all ages, genders and stereotypes.

Some were wearing plain exercise clothing and some were donning crazy colored tutus, knee-high socks and the occasional wedding veil. It was such an interesting ensemble of people.

Before we began the 5K, people were throwing colored powder, or “color bombs,” at each other. With a base coat of color, everyone gathered at the starting line and the race began.

I put on my music and took off for an amazingly fun 3 miles. At each mile mark, there was a station where a specific color was more or less poured on you.

The whole time you were running there were multiple photographers taking pictures that you could later find by your racing number on the Color Me Rad website.

The weather was absolutely perfect. It was a beautiful fall day; not too hot, not too cold.

I looked like a rainbow decided to throw up on me as I crossed the finish line. There were people at the end trying to get as much color as they could all over you.

The finish line was this humongous blow-up structure.

If I thought the race itself was fun, the “after party” was unreal.

The group I had gone with and I went to go take pictures in the “concert” area. There was a DJ organizing a crazy rally of people.

My friends and I were so hopped up on endorphins we began dancing right there in the middle of the field, which was the last thing I expected us to do after running for 3 miles.

Soon after, the DJ threw color bombs into the crowd. Everyone was passing around handfuls of powder. He counted down from 10 and, as he shouted “one,” the audience threw the color in the air. We were engulfed in a cloud of dust so thick you couldn’t see.

As the dust settled, every inch of your skin was covered. I was so colorful I think I would be quite intimidating to even the most magical of unicorns.

I really got so much out of this experience.

First of all, the money you spend to join the race goes to the Special Olympics, so you really feel like you are running for a good cause.

Secondly, I got to spend some time with the “original crew.”

As you grow older and meet new people, it’s easy to lose time and consequentially lose touch. I love my friends and was so happy that after all we have been through, we got to experience this together.

I also got to be a part of a one-of-a-kind event. There were so many different people from so many different walks of life.

There were people running, walking, even pushing their grandmothers in wheelchairs through the 5K.

I could not get over how many different types of people had gathered. As the day progressed, more and more people joined the crowd.

I got to be one of many and it was quite empowering. I loved that we were all unified by the powdered color that encompassed us. Everyone was so friendly and happy, throwing powder at each other and laughing. Whether you were in first or last place, you were having an amazing time.

Seeing as I have been running a lot, I hope to participate in other kinds of races. I was very glad that this was my first one, because rather than walking into a competitive, stress-inducing environment I was accepted into a friendly community. Everyone wanted to complete the 5K and everyone wanted to have fun. What more could I ask for?

I am so lucky to have gotten to have this experience and would thoroughly recommend it to all students whenever it hits Saratoga again!


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