A new angle: Macbeth project underway


By Arts Staff

The entiretey of this article originally appeared in the Concordiensis on February 4, 1982. The article’s original capitalization and grammar have been preserved.

With Barry Smith, the head of the Arts Department at Union, and Charles Steckler, Arts Professor as co-directors, the so called Macbeth Project has gotten underway.

Notice that it is a project and not just a play. This is not your typical Macbeth performance.

For one thing the script has been drastically shaved down to its barest essential.

There are no flowery words and whole characters have been cut from the script. In other words, all the unessential stuff that traditionally has contributed to making Macbeth an actors nightmare is gone.

What’s left? The “Evil Nightmare”, or Macbeth’s vision of the toling witches and his aspiration to the throne.

Where in previous productions, wordiness was the key, now it’s human psychology and drama.

The student actors have been working four hours, five days a week to make it work. Can they make a go of it?

That remains to be seen during the eight performances scheduled for sometime late in February, opening around the 27th or 28th. Veteran actor George Siletsky has been called in to lend a hand.

So, what we have is a new angle on “Macbeth”, a sort of going to be interesting to see what the Arts Department has been cooking up for us. 

— Donald J. Mirate



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