WRUC opens operations: New schedule announced


By Arts Staff

The entiretey of this article originally appeared in the Concordiensis on September 25, 1953. The article’s original capitalization and grammar have been preserved.

Station WRUC, the radio voice of Union College, will resume broadcasting operations Sunday at 7:45 p.m., it was announced today by Walter Hoffman, station manager. Broadcasts will be held this year every evening except Saturday, beginning at 8 p.m., and running until midnight.

Last year the station operated only from Sunday until Wednesday, but because of a new system, whereby the announcers will control their own show, more shows can be put on by the same number of members.

More than 40 new prospects were present at the organizational meeting held Tuesday in Hanna Hall. Besides these new men, about 20 members from last year’s staff will bring the total roster of the station to over 60.

New UP Teletype

New additions about the station are a United Press teletype, donated by Lucky Strike in exchange for advertising time on two programs, a new sound dolly for use in dramatic productions, and 90 classical record albums.

This year the stations will run a regular 15 minute news broadcast at 10 p.m. with world and local news as well as all the campus news. Some of the other programs will be a classical record show from 8:30 to 10 p.m., uninterrupted by advertising. Later in the year the popular Dutchmen Show will be presented Sunday evenings. Twenty Questions, a perennial favorite, will once again be presented.

Will Broadcast Away Games

The station expects broadcasts to be presented Sunday evenings. All the away football games, with the exception of the St. Lawrence game, and several of the away basketball games. The station will not broadcast local games.

In addition to Walter Hoffman, the Executive Board of the station includes Lin Swearingem, who as business manager represents a new addition to the staff, Lloyd Fallowes, technical director and Walter Stark, program manager. Saul Babbin will be in charge of training the new recruits for radio work.


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