Letters from the Campus News Editors!


By Carina Sorrentino

As I enter my final year at Union, I look back on my last two years with The Concordy as an outlet for expanding my social circles that I may have otherwise never had.

My only advice to those of you who may have just started to write or may want to write is to go for it. Whether you are scared to do an interview or see your work published for an entire campus to read, don’t be!

I am so happy I took the leap of faith in becoming a writer, and now an editor. For those of you who find writing to be something you enjoy, follow that. You will not be disappointed when you see your article make the cover page, or inspiring a conversation among your peers.

So on that note, welcome to a new year of The Concordy. To all of you first years: You are so lucky to be starting here. There is no better way to make your mark here at Union than to join the school’s newspaper. To the upperclassmen: it is never too late to get your name and words into the paper.

Good luck,

Carina Sorrentino

News Co-Editor


Union offers a plethora of opportunities for students to be involved in different clubs and organizations. The Campus News section continually strives to connect to the Union community by providing campus-oriented news that will appeal to a wide range of students.

We place great value in our contribution to the diversity of the campus. We want to showcase Union’s remarkable student body. Our campus is full of interesting individuals, and it is important to recognize the effort that these individuals place in maintaining Union’s active philanthropic, academic and social culture. We hope that readers will become more informed about our community and transform into better global citizens.

Over the course of fall term, you will continue to build on your current jam-packed schedule. However, do not let the trivialities of daily life prevent you from opening up to new and meaningful experiences on campus, which would defeat the purpose of studying at a liberal arts college that aims to foster our ability to synthesize different perspectives.


Song-My Hoang

News Co-Editor


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