Garnet is the new black: Fashion with Terry Tucker


By Terry Tucker

Welcome back, and a special welcome to those of you who are new to campus. Ah, fall term, the most magical time of each college year.

A new season, a new outlook, a new (school) year. In our case, September is the new January. Take advantage of this time to broaden your horizons. Whether that’s taking a class that really interests you (but is not your major), joining a new club or team, meeting someone not in your class year or fulfilling an internship.

Many of us have heard some version of “college is a time to experiment and discover new things.” Let’s not only apply this advice to our experiences, but also to our closets!

College is an ideal time to discover your personal style. The rules of the fashion industry don’t have much authority, and diverse perspectives are all around for inspiration.

Being in an environment like college, one is easily persuaded to dress in a certain way to feel included.

However, fashion is a form of expression; so, never restrict yourself to what you think you should be wearing.

Have a wonderful term, and be sure to don school pride from time to time. Garnet pairs seamlessly with the picturesque campus in autumn.


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