Fifty shades of friendship: A tale of two first-years


By Caitlin Williams

What is it like being a first-year at Union so far?

Matt Minicucci: Mailbox? Mailed it. Bookstore? Booked it. Exams? Examined it. Classes? I am class.

Steven Maksymowych: No one looks down upon you and everyone is really helpful. The community is open to do anything.

Give me two words to describe yourself?

MM: [After thinking for about two minutes] Quick thinking.

SM: Genuine and single.

MM: I’m single too … Just want to throw it out there.

How did you guys meet?

Both: The mandatory orientation. We caught each other’s eyes playing a funny game, and it was how the friendship started.

You guys made me include this headline for the article. Why?

Both: Why not? Because our friendship has multiple layers.

How have you gotten involved at Union so far?

Both: Ballroom dance is the club we do together for fun.

Why did you join ballroom dance? 

SM: Thought it would be a great experience, and I love going to formals and even brought a suit, but I want to brush up on my dance skills.

MM: I did it for the chicks.

SM: … Me too.

How are classes at Union? 

SM: The classes are academically challenging, but I never feel too overwhelmed, but we’ll give them a couple weeks.

MM: They are great like the Kellogg’s cereal.

How is Union so far?

SM: Completely honest, I was nervous about coming here, but I am truly happy that I am here. Everything and everyone is really supportive, and I never feel left out.

MM: Gosh dangit, Steven said everything I was gonna say.

Any last thoughts or comments to the readers?

MM: Nothing’s gonna sink this friendship.

SM: Nothing.


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