What will U wear, where?


By Katelyn Billings

With spring term nearly over, it’s time to contemplate what to do with our three months off for summer. While many people flock to the beach to get their tan on, there are many more exciting destinations to look into, each with their own dress code.

Now, if you’ve been reading my articles, you know I struggle with procrastination, and when it comes to packing I am no different. Usually I wait until a few days before to actually start thinking about what to bring, and then the day before I leave I panic and end up bringing all of the wrong things.

But this summer will be different for me and for you. With this trusty little guide I’ve compiled, packing for summer trips will be a breeze.

Hot Destinations:

Whether you are going on a Caribbean cruise or heading down to sunny Florida, all warm destinations require a collection of shorts, swimsuits and light tees.

My mom taught me a helpful packing tip, which is the ‘mix-and-match’ rule: pack clothes that you can mix and match to make several different outfits. This makes your clothes last longer throughout your vacation stay, and is also a much easier way to pack. Several pairs of colored shorts and some basic tees should do the trick to keep you calm while packing, and cool when you arrive at your warm destination.

This summer, the Bohemian look is very popular, so I’d advise packing a versatile maxi skirt and perhaps a tunic to wear over your bathing suit when lounging poolside.

When packing for a hotter destination, be sure to remember the lightweight rule, because no one wants a heavy cotton shirt that brings about nasty pit stains. Instead, opt for airy, lightweight shirts, which can be purchased cheaply at Gap, Old Navy and Target.

Also, pro tip: instead of packing one item of clothing on top of the other, try rolling your clothes into little tube-shapes. The clothes take up less space, and you can squeeze in a dress or towel in the extra room.

Cool Destinations:

If you’re like me, your ideal summer vacation spot is somewhere a little bit cooler. My family and I go up to Maine, which is significantly cooler than other places in the Northeast and, of course, much cooler than down South. In cooler destinations such as Maine, the waters might not be the ideal swimming temperature and the weather might hover around 65 most of the time.

If your vacation spot is like mine, you know you need those layers. I suggest packing similarly to the hot destinations in terms of the mix-and-match mentality, but also incorporating a lightweight jacket, a few sweaters and maybe even a lighter sweatshirt, depending on how cool it will be. Sometimes even a pair of jeans or capris can come in handy when walking around outside later in the evening, after the sun sets.

Trends to look into for cooler traveling could be a cute army or denim jacket and some white jeans.

Hopefully, with these tips and tricks your packing and traveling will be a cinch this summer! See U in the fall!


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