Spring things: What’s around U?


By Thomas Scott

With spring in full bloom many students here at Union have taken to green spaces around campus to enjoy the great weather.

This past weekend scores of students attended west fest, which took place on west beach this past Saturday.

Students were treated to a ‘wrecking ball’ bouncy house among other attractions as well as corn dogs and other refreshments. Ozone House, Sigma Phi, Zeta Beta Tau and Chi Psi also hosted Dance for a Cure in the Davidson Quad in order to raise funds for breast and testicular cancer.

Many pupils have a wide range of interests that in which they participate. Some Dutchmen remain on campus, where there are a plethora of pastimes to take part in.

Dieggo Brozzon ’15 takes a passive approach, asserting that he like to sleep and “spend as much time as possible outside.” He’s not the only one.

Joshua Davis ’14 claims “hanging out with friends,

relaxing outside in the nice weather” and “running outside.”

This time of year, many

students can be seen playing sports outside.  Dave Molle ’14 says that he enjoys “playing campus golf.”

Molle and his friends often take to the green spaces of the Nott and Rugby field to whack around golf balls and have a good time.

For those who enjoy volleyball, a tournament will be hosted at Breazzano House this Sunday from 2pm to 4pm.

Some students play other sports. Chelsea Mickel ’16 for instance, says she likes “playing Frisbee while listening to the radio” during this time of year.

For students interested in not only listening to the radio but choosing songs that play over the air, there is WRUC

Union’s radio station. WRUC, which has been operating since 1920 actively seeks new DJs.

However, if you’re just

interested in getting some sun, grab your boom box and head to West Beach.

Jefri Mesa ’14 on the other hand, likes to relax and unwind from the rigors of schoolwork with “[d]aily walks through the gardens.” Mimi Richards ’14 takes a different route to alleviating stress. Richards says she enjoys getting “crazy with [her] friends everyday.”

For those Dutchmen over the age of 21, Chet’s is a way to both drink responsibility and enjoy the company of friends. The Pub is open every

Wednesday from 8pm to 12am and food from Rathskellar is served until 10pm.

Some students’ interests take them away from campus. Katie Barner ’14 says that this time of year is when “concert season begins for [her].”

She claims that she tries to “go to as many concerts as possible, especially ones at outdoor venues” and that “[t]here is nothing better than live music in the spring weather.”

Though Spring Fest has come and gone, there are still several live music acts coming to the area in the near future.

For Indie lovers, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes will be at the Saratoga

Performing Arts Center this Saturday alongside Jack Johnson. The Dave Matthews Band will be performing at the same venue next Friday.

Whether you are trying to squeeze in some fun before the term is over, or if you will be in the area over the summer, the Union Schenectady area has plenty to offer in terms of fun activities. Concerts, enjoying the weather, and visiting Chet’s are only a few of some fun things to do with all of your friends. Enjoy!!



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