Jacqui Smith paints children of Estero de Plátano


By Benjamin Lucas

If you find yourself grabbing a bite to eat at Dutch Hollow this Friday afternoon, be sure to check out the work of Jacqui Smith ’13. The exhibit will consist of several watercolors Smith did as a Minerva Fellow in Estero de Plátano.

“The show contains 26 watercolor paintings I did while living in Estero de Plátano, Ecuador, as a Minerva Fellow this past year,” Smith writes. “The paintings are all of the children from the town, whom I love so much. The proceeds of the sales from these paintings will go back to the people and the community of Estero de Plátano.”

The exhibit will run from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and will move to Beuth House in the event of rain. You can find more of Smith’s artwork on her website, jacquileahsmith.com.




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