Golf club takes a big swing this spring term


By Carina Sorrentino

This spring, Union has welcomed the revival of the Golf Club on campus. Golf Club offers a variety of trips throughout the term for up to 24 students who sign up each week, at no cost.

After a hiatus of a few years, the club has been revamped with a new group of student leaders who have turned their hobby into an inclusive organization that their peers may now enjoy. The club and the trips are open to students of any skill level who would like the experience of golfing and meeting new people on a warm spring Saturday.

With no permanent commitment necessary, those who wish to play must only sign up in Student Activities between Thursday and Monday in order to participate in the following week’s trip. Students can pick and choose which golf courses they may want to visit and have the option of renting clubs if they do not have their own.

Similar to the Ski Club in the winter, the Golf Club offers weekend trips at new locations to keep golfers interested and challenged.

“We have been playing at local courses including Stadium Golf Club and Schenectady Municipal Golf Course,” commented Golf Club’s Treasurer Dillon Brown ’15.

“The former is a pretty easy track and the latter has a better layout with more diversity in the holes. I think it’s important to learn to play at different courses; it can only improve players’ abilities,” Brown continued.

The club’s administration has made an effort to extend sign-up deadlines so that students have more flexibility. Long term, they would like to see a steady turnout and potentially enough improvement to compete against other schools’ teams.

“This club is offering a great opportunity for any student to practice golf or learn a new sport. In addition, it offers students a chance to meet other students, as we match people up with each other to play. That’s one of the most important parts about the game of golf, is that you meet strangers and reach outside your comfort zone,” concluded Golf Club President John Bosco ’15.


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