Fight “stupid juice” sexism


By Sydney Paluch

“Until you find a spouse, I would advise you invest your effort and energy at least 75 percent in searching for a partner and 25 percent in professional development.”

Such is the advice of the self-branded “Princeton Mom” Susan Patton.

No, I am not making this up. Not only does she fanatically espouse these beliefs, she has religiously repeated them on numerous talk shows and writen a book.

Essentially, she insists that a woman’s goal in college should be to get a husband. That is it.

Not to learn, not to actually do something with the thousands paid for an education, not, ya know, to try and achieve the same respect as human beings that men do.

Her claim is, “There is a very limited population of men who are as smart or smarter than we are. You will never again be surrounded by this concentration of men who are worthy of you,” as you are in college.

Yes, apparently somehow all these “eligible bachelors” disappear the second after graduation! They may even suddenly transform into, oh the horror, working men!

In order to safeguard herself against such a terrifying fate, the intelligent collegiate should not concern herself with careers or any of that silly “equality” stuff.

No, it is far more “educated” to throw away her academics and marry herself off ASAP!

After all, a woman’s goal is just to find a happy little home, with a happy little husband, who she can cook and clean for all day every day! Right?! … Of course not.

This woman’s sexist views are beyond ludicrous and regressive, belonging to past ages of repression and discrimination.

Although this author is supposedly intelligent, she has barely any facts to back up her statements, citing merely several outdated sources.

On the other hand, the National Bureau of Economic Research states, “College educated women marry later, have fewer children, are less likely to view marriage as ‘financial security,’ are happier in their marriages and with their family lives and are not only the least likely to divorce, but have had the biggest decrease in divorce since the 1970s compared to women without college degrees.

“In contrast, there have been fewer changes in marital patterns by education for men.”

Yet, Princeton Mom’s misogynistic views do not end there. According to her, if a woman can’t say no during sexual assault, then it is her fault.

Sexist views like Patton’s seriously harm women, setting us back 50 years as a society.

Women are able and ready to fully engage in society. Patton’s views are misogynistic and horrendously patriarchal, eliminating the humanity of half the population.

Personally, I can only hope that the public platform she has been given will not damage the aspirations of our generation too horribly.

This woman is an absolute monster and I truly cannot believe that she has any support whatsoever with her regressive and repugnant views.

Although there is one statement of hers that I agree with:  “If you associate too closely with a man who is significantly below your intellectual level, you will eventually get stupid juice all over you.”

Well, lets change that statement slightly. “If you associate too closely with Patton, you will eventually get stupid juice sexism all over you.”


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