Celebrating spring at the Steinmetz Dance Show


By Miryam Moutillet

At 4:00pm on Friday, May 9th, the Steinmetz Dance Performance will celebrate spring and its talented Union students at the Nott.

Dancers and musicians alike will share the stage for a vibrant and diverse show that will involve 72 performers. Students will perform some of the highlights from the Winter Dance Concert THE CITY and numerous new pieces.

Professor Jennifer Matsue, Director of the World Music and Culture program will bring her world music students to perform gamelan for Maria Dreeszen’14 who has elected to create choreography inspired by her Balinese mini-term. Early arrival will give you the opportunity to hear a selection of traditional Balinese melodies.

Dance minor Jillian Callanan’16 and Marcus Rogers, faculty dancer and choreographer will present an intricate and captivating tap number to the music of Andy Iorio.

“As two lost souls in a city filled with people, this dance reveals a friendship found unexpectedly amidst the loneliness of a crowded metropolis”.

Kaitlyn Thoen’14 will reveal her new work, Dissonance. Her goal is “to create a piece that is visually interesting and memorable for its dynamic quality and unpredictability”.

As well, Jasmine Roth’14 and Elizabeth Magas’15 are collaborating and exploring the latest film score Gravity.

With Radioactive, Mallory Bichunsky’14, Brianna Caruccio’16, Grace Kernohan’17, Samantha Moyer’14, J’Kela Smith’18, Maddison Stemple-Piatt’18, Ariella Yazdani’16 and Yuqiao Yuan’14 will bring forward thrilling moves that will keep you on edge.

This latest collaboration was created through choreographic exercises in the Dance Experience course.

Be ready for cheerful and spectacular moments with the Bhangra Union, Dance Team, Hip-Hop and Ballroom clubs as well as the U-Break. These outstanding groups will animate the stage with their charismatic energy and brilliant steps.

This year, we will honor the gift of William’1875 and Anna Lothridge making this event, a Festival of Dance embracing all dance styles and its compelling beauty.

At the end of the show, we will announce the Edward Villella Fellowship that allows students to expand his/her study of dance beyond the Union College experience.

Also being announced by Professor William Finlay, Chair of the Theatre and Dance Department will be the winners of the Hedda Hainebach award. This award is given bi-annually to either a playwright who has written the best short play or best actor or actress in a play.

On Steinmetz Day, faculty sponsor Miryam Moutillet, Director of the Dance Program welcomes the entire campus community to celebrate this lively and entertaining event.



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