A senior’s advice


By Michael Mullen

For those of you lucky enough to have a few years left until your day of graduation, I would like to offer a few words of advice.

  1. Work your ass off, because you would rather be tired at the end of the day than be regretful.
  2. Forgive. Don’t question this. Just forgive.
  3. Respect your elders. I know, “Yes, mom …’
  4. Appreciate the time you have. Whether that means that you should step outside of your safety bubble and try something new or speak to someone you thought you had lost, you should never wait a moment for something that will change your life.
  5. Travel. See the world. Because although technology may be connecting us, we will never appreciate anything as much as if we see it with our own eyes.
  6. Let go of hate. Unless you’d like more obstacles holding you back.
  7. Take a breath before the leap. Our body and mind may be resilient, but our conscience always needs a moment or two.
  8. Smile. No one is out to get you. The weather is not bad because you did something wrong. And you are alive, which is a lot more than many can say.
  9. Never overlook the power of touch. The connections we make are not complex, we will simply never understand them.
  10. The past is in the past, so enjoy the present. This is self-explanatory.


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