UBreak and Hip Hop Club collaborate for dance battle


By Katelyn Billings

This past Thursday, dancers all around campus gathered to share their passion for dance and battle each other in front of a live, and quite interactive, audience.

The prizes were Beats headphones, speakers and a gift card to Best Buy, so the stakes were high and the crowd excited. Rather than a panel of judges determining the winner, the audience formed a circle around the dancers and they chose the winner of each round.

They were encouraged to be loud and very enthusiastic in their choices.

President of Hip Hop Club Emily Lewis ’16 explained that students with all dance backgrounds came out and participated in the competition, which made it even more exciting.

“It was an all-styles competition, so that means we encouraged all dancers of any style to come out and compete. There were people who did popping, locking, breaking and hip hop at the event, and the competition was absolutely amazing,” said Lewis.

U-Break, Union’s breakdancing club, partnered up with Hip Hop Club and successfully put on an amazing show for the campus. President of U-Break Alvin Andino ’15 also provided some comments on the event.

“There were so many different dance styles, a lot of contestants popped and locked, and a few just boogied! It was great to get our e-board and the Hip Hop executives involved.

[President] Emily Lewis and [Treasurer] Giorgia Comeau ’16 of Hip Hop Club had a choreographed performance, and then my Vice President Nahian Jahangir ’15 and me had a little battle and it was so great! People were so hyped!” said Andino.

The event was held in Old Chapel, and the crowd was set up in two semicircles so the dancers could compete in the middle of the audience. Some onlookers even went up to the balcony of Old Chapel to get a birds-eye view of the dance floor battles.

“There was so much energy from the crowd, we were blessed to have a really great audience. And the dancers did not hold back at all. We had some really great pairs! Some battles were funny, others were really good, people were getting so into it, and as the host, I had a lot of fun,” said Andino. “People really enjoyed themselves, and since it was in Old Chapel, it was really close and intimate.

“I have so much respect for the dancers that came out to battle. Sometimes battling can seem intimidating, but really it’s all for fun and you could just tell that the dancers were having a blast. There are so many styles of dance out there, and this dance battle allowed all dancers to showcase their talents. It was incredible to see students do so well in the battle, when you might not have known that they even danced.”

He explained that the dance battle was an experiment of sorts, and that he was testing the waters to see how the campus would react and support such an event.

Since the crowd was so receptive and enthusiastic, he hopes to make the event even bigger next year.

“It was such a diverse group of people, from all corners of the campus. This kind of event hasn’t been done before, and I think the different experience of it all made a big impact on people,” said Andino.

Lewis agreed, stating, “Union has so many great dancers, but not all of them take dance classes here or are involved with the dance program. This dance battle really encouraged everyone to showcase some hidden talents.”

Thanks to U-Break, Hip Hop Club and their epic dance battle event, the campus can be exposed to the talents and skills of their peers.

Hopefully we will see more events like this from these two clubs in the near future!



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