‘U’ are the champions


By Meghan Creane

to win a national title, and to actually achieve that dream is pretty amazing.”

One of the most telling things about this victory for the Dutchmen was that each and every goal came from a different player, proving the depth of the team, previously noted by Stevens, Ciampini, Michael Pontarelli ’17 and Cole Ikkala ’14. This depth will prove invaluable to the Dutchmen in the upcoming season, especially given the powerhouse seniors they will be graduating: Bodie, Carr, Ikkala, Sullivan and Hatch.

In the words of one of those returning players, Vecchione explains that the Dutchmen “know as a team what it takes for a win,” and will use those feelings to come back even stronger next season. Vecchione also refers to the strength of Bennett’s coaching, noting, “The past three years Coach Bennett’s been here, the program has been rising and it’s reached its peak right now … hopefully we can just keep it that way.”

The campus-wide celebration also got back to the players via Snapchat and Twitter, only adding to the excitement they felt about coming back to Union with the national trophy in tow. Vecchione and Hatch agreed that it was a great feeling to see the campus celebrating as much as they were, once again proving that you don’t need to be a big school to show big support.

As the bus approached the campus, the entire teams’ excitement was palpable. They hopped off the bus beaming with pride and ready to celebrate their well-deserved victory with the rest of the Union campus.


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