‘Frozen’: Removing Prince Charming


By Brianna Gutierrez

“You can’t marry a man you just met,” says Queen Elsa from the movie Frozen.

In one line, a Disney princess is able to destroy decades of the Disney-filmic trend that the princess lives happily ever after with some prince she just met for the first time.

When I was young girl, I owned numerous Disney movies that basically told me that without a Prince Charming, I did not fulfill my role as a woman. However,  Frozen turned the idea that every princess needs her Charming right on its head.

Rather, the movie focuses on mending a damaged relationship between two sisters. For once, the idea of sisterly love (instead of romantic love) makes its way into a real, family-oriented Disney movie.

Not only does Frozen break the traditional Disney movie storyline, but it also passes the Bechdel Test.

A movie that passes the Bechdel test has at least two women who speak to each other, and they talk about something other than a man. Frozen does just that.

In addition, at the end of the movie, the film’s apparent Prince Charming, Hans, is not so charming after all. He has a plot to kill Anna, Elsa’s sister, and blame it on Elsa’s magical ice powers, allowing him to usurp the crown and become king of Arendelle.

Naturally, Princess Anna does not end up marrying him and, instead, she punches him in the face. Talk about a direct blow to the idea of a princess and her Prince Charming living happily after.

At the end of the film, Anna does not marry anyone. Instead of a wedding, the audience is left with the romantic relationship that has developed between Anna and Kristoff, a local ice seller and non-royal.

As for Elsa, she remains the strong and independent Queen of Arendelle. In a mere hour-and-a-half, a Disney movie defeats the Prince Charming stereotype of all of its love stories from the preceding decades.

All young girls should see Frozen because it teaches them an important feminist idea early on: a woman does not need a Prince Charming to be happy or powerful.


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