Book drive dinner held to raise money for Literacy New York


By Matt Olson

On Thursday, April 17, Kappa Alpha Society and Gamma Phi Beta co-hosted a dinner in Hale House to raise money for Literacy New York, a regional organization specializing in teaching underprivileged adults, families and children how to read.

Each student only needed to pay 10 dollars in declining balance in order to eat the Italian dinner that was provided.

The fundraiser is part of a larger effort to both raise money and books for those in need. Books collected in a book drive are being donated to Better World Books, while the money donated through this dinner is being donated to Literacy New York.

Better World Books is a for-profit company that donates a book to a non-profit organization for every book the company sells. Some of the foundations Better World Books donates to are Feed the Children, Books for Africa and READ International.

Literacy New York is a non-profit organization that “exists because there is a need to foster and strengthen literate communities throughout New York State.”

The organization offers teaching and other services to students in need.

Literacy New York also educates adults, and has taught tens of thousands of adults in the past decades who “seek to improve their literacy skills.”

Philanthropy Chair of Kappa Alpha Nathaniel Hawthorne ’16 sent an email to students saying, “For everyone who shows up to get this marvelous dinner, Kappa Alpha and Gamma Phi Beta will donate $5 to a local literacy program.”

Hawthorne was optimistic about the dinner, saying, “We expect the turnout for our dinner to be about 50 people. What better reward for helping out those less fortunate than a delicious meal?”

He concluded, “We had 47 people show up for our Hale House dinner with Gamma Phi Beta. Everyone that went had a blast, and we raised about $250 for Literacy New York.”


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