An exclusive look at my Union bucket list


By Nora Swidler

There is so much that everyone seeks to accomplish in college. Good grades, great friends, internships, a good time, the works. There is a narrow window of opportunity in which to achieve our desires and complete our bucket lists.

Union students are no different. In fact, we probably do more than the average college kids: we drown ourselves in activities, take our academics to heart and bleed garnet with regard to our athletic teams. At Union, we students take the bucket list to a new level.

Taking a Berk class, for example. Professor Berk’s history classes are legendary. His lecture style and light-hearted antics in class have been attracting students for decades. Union students are often found saying, “I need to take a Berk class before I graduate.”

This results in the overwhelming crowd that shuffles in and out of the Reamer Auditorium, pushing the venue to its maximum capacity every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and possibly creating a fire hazard in the process. But, before you graduate, you simply must take a Berk class, or you might as well have not even bothered attending Union  (in my opinion).

Then there are the traditions. The seven, somewhat scandalous, traditions have only recently been grouped together as a single entity, arising in the late 1990s. The “naked Nott run,” a long-standing tradition dating back to the late 19th century when the Nott Memorial was erected, has been a mission Union students have undertaken for well over 100 years.

Painting the Idol, whose location has been changed many a time, is an easy one, allowing for individuality and collaboration.

The other five, with the exception of the tunnel crawl, are not for me to divulge today. However, if you are seeking further historical reference, I’ll be here all week.

Union, the mother of all fraternities, is renowned for its alpha chapters, Greek history and campus involvement. Joining a fraternity or sorority at Union is ingraining oneself in one of the richest traditions Union has to offer, but it is not all Union has.

Our clubs and organizations, adding up to over a hundred options for students, give us more opportunities than we know what to do with. Do you want go on an equestrian club outing? Let’s get you on a horse. Care to ski down a mountain? Sign up at student activities. Feel like hitting some pins down at Boulevard Bowl? Take the trolley on Thursdays.

Now that my time here is almost at its end, I will share with you part of my bucket list. I wanted to take advantage of what Union had available to me. With everything from my puppet-making class to the basketball team, my college experience was incredibly enriching.

My list included walking backwards as a tour guide, being an orientation advisor, dying my hair a crazy color (the obviously unnatural blonde that it is now — blondes have more fun, right?), finding friends that would dress up as the cast of Harry Potter with me, mandating that everyone watch Clueless (one of my first events as Panhellenic president) and climbing to the top of the Nott (something I cannot wait to do come graduation day).

I wrote my list down last spring and have almost completed the 57 items on it.  By June 15, I anticipate having every last one crossed off.

This is mighty Union. Lose yourself in what we have to offer you, drink in the traditions that came before you and complete your personal bucket list to the best of your ability.





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