A Tale of True Bromance: Krishford steps into the Student Spotlight


By Katelyn Billings

every night,” said Fishman.

Speaking of sleeping, the duo confessed that they rely on each other to get up in the morning, like an old married couple.

Wolford revealed that most of the time, Pokuri is his personal alarm clock during the school week. When Pokuri comes back in after a morning shower, Wolford knows to get up for the day. “Sometimes Krishna has to wake me up when I don’t get up for class. I wait until he comes back in the room,” said Wolford.

Pokuri chimed in with, “One time I didn’t come back in after my shower, and he just didn’t get up for class. He’s so dependent on me!” (Cue the “awwww’s!”)

Wolford even went to the Minerva Lottery this past Monday as Pokuri’s proxy, so if that doesn’t scream “bromance,” I don’t know what does.

“I envy their bromance. It is one that cannot be matched,” said mutual friend Caitlin McManimon ’16. Truer words could not be said.

When asked if he had any favorite moments from the bromance over the past two years, Wolford had nothing specific but everything sentimental to say.

“I don’t have any favorite moments. I think it’s more about the general experience,” said Wolford.

So now it is up to you, Concordy readers: bromance or just bros?


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