Student Spotlight: Olivia Thurston, dreamer, rock-lover, hopscotcher and world-saver


By Katelyn Billings



Other than rugby, Thurston is quite involved on campus, participating in several clubs and a work-study position at the Becker Career Center.

OT: I work in Becker, and I really like it because there are always tons of snacks, which is great. They once sent me home with a whole pizza! My job includes answering the phones and then dropping calls because I don’t understand the system, and making the occasional poster.


On interesting things (read: weird stuff) she does to protect the environment:

OT: I often turn off the power strips during the day, and people come back and think they’re broken, but they aren’t … I just turned them off. I strongly believe in composting, too. I throw my apple cores out the window. A squirrel or some animal will totally come and eat it. But I don’t do super weird things like not showering. You need to wash yourself — EW! Some people are like, “I haven’t washed my hair in four days. I’m saving the environment!” And I’m like, “Uh, ew. No. Why?”


On geology (her major) and the subliminal messages in her dreams:

OT: I love rocks. Sometimes I even dream about them. One time I dreamed I owned a cave of rubies but there was a giant in there, so it got kind of weird.  None of that was in my dream book, so I didn’t know what to do. I think I got the kids’ version. I really need a new one to look up deeper symbolism.


On the game of her invention, “Ultimate Hopscotch”:

OT: You play by making a big spiral and then checking off spaces so you can hop in the squares to the center. You hop on one foot to the center, and then back on the other foot and then you claim a space. That is now your space and no one else can touch it. The game gets really hard because you have to avoid the claimed spaces.


In reference to Club Schaffer (aka the library):

OT: I hate it in there. It smells like broken dreams.


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