Union hosts Admitted Student Day


By Kate Collins

The incoming Class of 2018 will be 40 percent early-decision applicants. That makes this year one of the most competitive for regular-decision applicants, as 5,406 applications were submitted.

Vice President of Admissions, Financial Aid and Enrollment Matt Malatesta stated, “In short, we can be happy with our application numbers and feel good about our prospects for a great class.

“However, much is in the wind regarding results, since the admitted students have until May 1 to let us know where they plan to enroll.”

April is an incredibly busy time for Union’s Office of Admissions. All students have already been admitted to Union at this point, so Admitted Student Day is an opportunity for current Union students to help admitted students learn why Union would be a good choice for their undergraduate experiences.

Union offers four Admitted Student Programs during the month of April (on April 7, 14, 21 and 25), but also has admitted students visiting six or seven days a week throughout the month.

Grant Hall is actually open 28 of the 30 days in April for the variety of programs Admissions has been and will be running for these students.

According to Malatesta, “Many of the admitted students coming this month are visiting for their second or third times, while some will be at Union for their first times.

“Each visitor has his or her own impressions, questions and hopes. Our current faculty, staff and students have the opportunity to greet these visitors and show them what is possible at Union,” he continued.

During the Admitted Student Programs, Malatesta commented that Admissions “tries to offer a variety of options to give a good feel for the opportunities at Union, ranging from the opportunity to visit classes to attending student and faculty panels.”

This year, faculty and staff of all departments have been actively involved in Admitted Student Programs.

People have been available at Nott Memorial to answer individual students’ questions at the ends of program days.

Monday, April 14, was most likely the largest program of the four, as Union hosted over 200 prospective students. Union is expecting over 500 prospective students collectively for the rest of the month.

Between the first two Admitted Student Day Programs, Union will be hosting more prospective students than it did during all of last year’s programs combined. The interest in Union as an undergraduate institution has risen steadily in the past few years.

Union actually had fewer applications this year than last year. However, applications are up nine percent from four years ago.

Malatesta stated, “I think it is a good time to be at Union with many great stories to share. We actually received a record of number of early decision applications this year, which is a great indication that Union is a top choice.”

When asked how students can help show the best side of Union, Malatesta said, “When talking to prospective students and their families, I tell them that I chose to come back to Union, having been a graduate of ’91, to represent our admissions and financial aid efforts because I thought it was a particularly good time to be at Union.”

He continued, “Union students are doing so many wonderful things, so my only hope is our visitors are able to hear about the many great things going on with everyone.”

As prospective students and their parents walk around campus and sit in on classes, it is up to current students to convey their enthusiasm for the college.


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