807 Student Spotlight: Elvis Lara Stud of Sigma Phi and breakfast expert


By Ananya Delzom

You might know him for his ridiculously good looks, or for his constant Facebook status updates, or even for his heart of gold. Whichever it is, everyone at Union has heard of Elvis Lara ’15, or “L V,” one of his nicknames.

Not many people know this, but Lara has a hidden talent that he shares with the brothers of his fraternity. He is the sous chef for his fraternity (or secret society), Sigma Phi.

What exactly does he cook? “Only large steaks, none of those small meats,” says Lara.

You can often find him on and around campus with wingman Blake Purdy ’15, also known as “Big Rig.”

From the moment they met in their orientation group at the start of their first year, they knew it was a match made in heaven. Ever since then, they’ve been inseparable.

“Big shout out to being assigned to Green House!” remarked Lara regarding meeting his best friend during orientation.

Even though they were never roommates, they were a notorious duo on the third floor of Davidson North. They then pledged the same fraternity together, ensuring years of future shenanigans.

Lara thought he enjoyed meeting new people and socializing like it was his job.

However, on Feb. 3, he found out that his mother has an Instagram account with over a thousand followers (and that she only follows two people). Is it possible that his mother is more of a social butterfly than he is? Must run in the family!

Lara realized his culinary passion when he worked in Boston as a prep chef during the winter. He claims he wasn’t really a prep chef, but more along the lines of the “best chef,” as he likes to put it.

When asked to share an entertaining anecdote that happened at work, he had some memories of his interesting co-workers.

“On my third day at work, this other new guy immediately got pulled out and fired for getting hammered. Then, the next day, this other new dude came in too high for words,” recalled Lara. Seems Lara was already high above the other newbies right off the bat.

What else did he learn from being a prep chef? “That there are way too many different types of vegetables,” said Lara.

You have probably seen Lara on the weekends dancing to his favorite songs: “Timber” by Ke$ha, with the occasional “Starships” by Nicki Minaj.

He claims he is immune to hangovers and quickly recovers with a breakfast of champions consisting of an omelette, tater tots, a sprinkle of bacon and, of course, “dat cheddar.”

When it comes down to it, his favorite term and season is spring because of the beautiful weather and being able to “hit up the campus golf links.”

Even though Lara is an engineering major, he manages to balance his social life and surround himself with great people and great times. Known for his laugh and “turning up,” Elvis Lara is a face you won’t forget. Cheers, Elvis!



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