Students share perspectives on Microaggressions


By Abigail

Last week, the Leadership in Diversity Council put on the “Microaggressions Project.” The goal of the project is to have the Union community share any microaggressions they have experienced.  A microaggression is when people accidently or purposefully saying something that offends you in terms of race, skin color, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, gender, or a disability.

Question: How did you feel about participating in the “Microaggressions Project?”

Cassandra Padilla  ’17:

Cassandra Padilla ’17

I’m happy I took part in this experience, because I was able to let other people on campus take a peak into my life and read the microaggression that offended my sexual orientation. I felt this project presented the idea that ignorance is present in our society and many people do experience it. It is our duty as humans to educate others about respecting differences in people and not believing stereotypes that inaccurately represent a group of people.

Roswald Morales ‘16:

Roswald Morales Roswald Morales ’16

Participating in the project was very interesting, as it made me reflect on my interactions, specifically here at Union College. There was an incident that occurred involving an individual telling me, ‘You’re So Hispanic,’ simply because this person saw that I constantly contemplate my culture. I felt the remark made by the person was very flat and had no reasoning either than the simple interactions we had. I regularly listen to Spanish music or reminisce Latin Food, and feel that whoever is in tune with their culture should not feel that they have been part of a microaggression, its very demeaning. Overall, I wish the best to the campaign as it spreads awareness and gives great insight on the opinions of students here in our own campus.

Sarang Sharma ’15:

Sarang Sharma ’15

People sometimes forget how much of an impact our words have on other people- even if they’re meant as a joke, they can really have a detrimental effect on someone’s self-confidence. I think Rachel did a really great job putting this campaign together ensuring that everyone on this campus is well represented in vocalizing how they have been mistreated in the past.  By doing this, Rachel is paving the way for the campus to become more welcoming to all kinds of students and making Union a much friendlier place to attend.  Additionally, this campaign has allowed me to realize how much diversity we have on campus (racial diversity, religious diversity, and even diversity of sexuality).

Joel Rice ’17:

Joel Rice ’17

I think it is important to have a micro-aggression campaign on campus because it gives voice to people that are often marginalized and attempts to raise the awareness level on campus about the way that we talk to the people around us and the different social issues and experiences that we come from. The campaign really breaks down stereotypes and shows that people are a lot more than what they look like. Almost everyone experiences microaggressions and it’s important to acknowledge that.


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