Spring fashion preview: All the latest trends headed your way


By Salina Ali

With the cold weather seeping in, everyone is anxiously awaiting any glimpse of sunshine to give us an excuse to toss out our boring winter clothes in place of springtime style.

I personally cannot wait to see everyone get rid of Arthur George socks over their leggings, North Face fleeces and Uggs and start looking chic with trendy spring wear!

With festivals, formals and lay-out sessions at West Beach about to come up as winter term ends, one question always remains: “What should I wear?”

Spring term is near, and I know everyone is excited to hear about and don the new trends of the upcoming spring season! This coming spring includes many new and exciting looks that are must-haves for next term.

Since this is just a preview, I have condensed my favorite spring trends into seven main categories. Let’s start from the basics and work our way up to the most recent trends:

1. Chunky Jewelry

Try mixing it up this season by wearing chunky jewelry. The “chunky” part may sound like it is only meant for fancy occasions, but you can definitely dress it down. Wear with any blouse for a classy, chic look.

2. Tangerine Lipstick

This lipstick is not just meant to be worn with your rave gear. Spice up your day outfit with a pop of color! It’s the perfect bold color to add some flavor to your spring look.

3. Sporty-Chic

This season, feel free to dress like you do when you go to (or pretend to go to) the gym — and still be trendy at the same time! Be sure to accessorize correctly and you may be able to pull off the easiest but trendiest look there is this spring.

This is probably one of the most convenient looks in the spring season, because comfy never looked so chic!

4. Pleats

Pleats are my personal favorite trend for spring. The high-waisted, pleated skirt is definitely a must-have for this season. Pair with sandals or heels, a crop top and, of course, chunky jewelry.

5. Wide-leg Pants

Wide-leg trousers and jumpsuits are definitely popular this season.

The high-waisted nature of the trousers makes them easy to pair with any top, and they are very comfortable. You can dress them up and they will definitely make you look taller!

6. Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets should be an essential addition to your wardrobe this spring season! Bomber jackets add a more slick look to your outfit.

You could dress the jacket up or dress it down. Pair it with high-waisted leather (or studded) shorts, long-sleeve crop top and heels or flats, and you will be sure to turn heads, whether it be in your math class or a party!

7. Scarf + Belt = Spring-Ready!

Be spring-ready next term by grabbing your favorite scarf and belt — the perfect way to transition from the chilly winter to the milder spring season. Pair a white, long-sleeved T-shirt and shorts or a solid-colored dress with any bulky floral or patterned scarf and belt!

So there we have it: the spring fashion preview of 2014! These creative and trendy looks are affordable and are definite head-turners.

My favorite part of this season’s trends is the number of simple but fashionable looks. If I can’t control my urge to splurge during finals week, you will definitely be able to spot me at clothing stores trying on these new spring looks.

Hopefully, I’ll see you all looking spring-chic next term!



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