Science and Technology Update – March 6, 2014


By Joshua Ostrer

Keurig DRM

Green Mountain, the company responsible for the Keurig coffee maker, is making a change for the next generation of its famous machine. The new machine will be able to detect if the K-cup being put into the machine is made by Green Mountain and will only actually make the coffee if it is.

Tesla Battery Factory

Tesla Motors, the American electric car company, announced that it will be constructing a “Gigafactory” to mass-produce lithium ion batteries for Tesla cars. Tesla expects the $5 billion factory to be able to make as many batteries in 2020 as the entire world created in 2013.

Mesopelagic Fish

A study published by an international team of marine biologists estimates that mesopelagic fish — fish living 200 to 1,000 meters below the water’s surface — account for nearly 95 percent of the entire world’s fish biomass, a discovery which may increase understanding of carbon dioxide and oxygen in ocean flow.


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