Letter from the Editor: Grace Delgado


By Grace Delgado

I don’t like writing. Funny thing to admit from an editor, I guess. But my role here has been editing layout and photography. I’ve mainly been behind the scenes of the paper, and I’ve loved every minute of it.

For someone who is introverted, this has been the best outlet for collaborating and learning from some of the most outspoken people on this campus. Being surrounded by this phenomenal staff has inspired me to be braver, and supported me when I felt discouraged or lonely behind our gated community.

I’ve loved this paper more and more over the past four years, as part of the staff. I’ll miss it come next term when I won’t get the reminder e-mails for the new editing cycle or the frequent mass e-mails from one of the editors (Gab and/or Sam) with BuzzFeed lists about Jennifer Lawrence. I’ll miss the gossip, the rumors, and the secrets of breaking stories before they get published on Thursdays. I will certainly miss the staff meetings where we catch that obvious misspelling on the cover page, albeit a little too late. And, I will definitely miss the many times the four of us laid on the office floor, defeated after an ardurous fight with missing quotes for articles, empty spaces yet to be filled and debates over the placement of a Concordy Dog.

This newspaper wasn’t just a chore to be worked on each Tuesday (okay, sometimes it was). It also gave me the best opportunity to voice my personal stories.  Once, it was the story behind my 12-inch hummingbird tattoo, to share that it’s a daily inspirational reminder of the courage and plight of my immigrant parents. And, most recently, it was to come out with my sexual assault account, where, after two years of painful secrecy, I learned to leave the shame in the past. Having shared this so publicly hurt me first, but ultimately helped me help some of my close friends I hadn’t realized were fighting their own battles. With a little help from the concordy warriors, I grew to be comfortable with, and even to embrace the chance to be bold.

Thank you to this year’s editorial staff, especially to Sammi, Gab and Emily; you’ve made my senior year an unforgettable adventure. Also, thank you for letting me be the dictator on Concordy Tuesdays. Sorry for not allowing the zillion concordy dogs added to the pages each week, but at least I let you have your fun with the last few issues!

Each year I made new connections with the senior editors, and every year I felt nostalgic about their leaving. But this time around, I am the senior editor that is saying farewell.

After committing so much of my attention and time on Tuesday nights for the past three years, I have no regrets. I would do this all over again.


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