Letter from the Editor: Emily Brower


By Emily Brower

If you had asked me four years ago what I wanted to do before I graduated, I would not have said, “Editor-in-Chief of the Concordiensis.” That position seemed far out of my reach. So I set my sights on being a kick-ass copyeditor — where else was I going to utilize those grammar skills that were kicking back and enjoying the extra space in my brain?

Fast forward three and a half years, and here I am, leaving behind the position I never expected and the paper that has given me experiences I never could have had in a classroom.

I don’t even know how to define my time at Union without the Concordy.

I have photographed students throwing themselves into an icy pool in early March to raise money for cancer patients, actors and directors on Schenectady’s red carpet and President Obama in a town-hall event. I have written stories about hazing allegations, impeached student representatives, theft at Union, Irish hurling (it’s a sport) and President Ainlay and his motorcycle. I have argued with my pre-law co-editor — and won at least once. Read wonderfully written articles by my peers. Been pelted with pens and candy for being too detail oriented. Answered midnight phone calls, emails and texts about how we need to cover this story, NOW! And sent the paper to print on more than 50 Tuesday nights.

And it has been a blast.

Now, here’s to everyone who has made all the difference during my time on the Concordy.

To the current editorial board: My fellow Warriors. If I had a cookie for every time I enjoyed spending time with each of you in the office … oh … wait … I think I did … It has been an immense pleasure getting to know each of you in person, through your writing and through your sections. You are all such unique individuals with incredible talents, and I cannot wait to see where each of you is in 10 years.

To the incoming editorial board: Enjoy every moment. I promise, it is absolutely worth the time, the bouts of stress, the moments of frustration. So enjoy the laughter and the inside jokes and each other.

To Martina and Meghan: Passing the paper on to anyone will be hard, but I truly believe you two have what it takes to be great EICs. So get comfortable stepping out of your comfort zone, keep your ears open, ask lots of questions and don’t forget to enjoy the ride.

Now to the ladies who have spent the last year of Tuesday nights lying on the office floor with me:

To Sammi: You brighten my Tuesdays with that laugh of yours. But more importantly, you care. About everything from Oxford commas to helping whomever you can. That’s a quality I will always be striving for, but you possess so easily.

To Grace: Those dimples. Need I say more? But in all seriousness, you have opened my eyes to so much.

You ask the questions that matter and genuinely want the best answer I can give.

And last, but most certainly not least, to Gab: You make my head spin. You are the best co-editor I could have asked for. I cannot quantify how you have helped me grow; you and your hair will forever be a part of my Union stories. (And let’s not forget how you’ve taught me to be a serial texter.) Now go do something amazing with your life. Go git it, Gabriella! Get ouuuuuuttttta here!

To everyone: Thanks for the stories, the interviews, the articles. Thanks for the cooperation, the suggestions, the patience. Thanks for the encouragement, the advice, the support. And lastly, thanks for putting up with the incessant emails — Union did, after all, teach me something.



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